Circle Of Creativity

Interest – learning – creating

Do you know how we humans differentiate ourselves from all other animals? Our ability to create, which differentiate us from others. This is the sole reason we become species that run the whole world.

That’s why when someone, lives his or her whole life without having any quest for creating something or without having any insight for being creative.

Then, I start thinking about whether that person is living or not.

Because it is like living whole life as poor when you have keys to riches.

And just because you are too lazy or just don’t want to explore if there exist any possibilities that you can even find your potential.

You just remain in the same state where you were living already.

So, I am making it very clear that being creative is something that you can aspire in your life.

But, what I mean by being creative. ?

Let me explain to you that, as we all assume, or people always see creativity as something related to painting, art, or at most dancing/singing.

We have this notion that, if anyone is engaged in these activities, he must be creative. Right?

Well, for me, creativity is not just restricted to drawing art or singing or dancing.

I think creativity originate when you move things in the forward direction; creativity exists when
You enter into the dimension of the unknown, something which you are not aware of. But you still dare to enter into that field. And that’s creativity for me. It can include many things.

A scientist or mathematician struggling to come up with a new theory is creative.

And an entrepreneur who is trying to solve the existing problem is creative.

A social worker who is struggling hard to help to make this society a better place for everyone is creative.

The dancer, artist, the singer, and many attributes of humanity can fall under this category.

So ultimately you are doing something which is helping this whole world to move forward. and that’s great. Isn’t it?

Well, as we have understood what exactly is creativity. Now let us talk about what I mean by a circle of creativity.

And how it can improve productivity.

First, we will have to understand that. The process of creativity consists of 3 steps.

I.e. Interest – Learning – Creating

Now, accepting that quest of creating something is natural for all of us, and it lies in every one of us. But that doesn’t mean all of us to give justice to our insight for the quest of creativity.

Or invest our time and energy To flourish this possibility.

But instead, we tend to live that same monotonous like just because we are too afraid of new changes.

And creativity by its nature. Challenges your past. To creative means coming up with something new and when you try to create something new, the part of your which loves to remain in the past opposes you wholeheartedly.

And that’s the reason people remain in the field of “interest” in almost most of there life.

I always see people who say I have an interest in this; I love this that. But, I hardly see anyone taking the next step and give time and energy to do the thing which they love.

And remember, you can only be creative in the filed which you love, which you feel for, which is close to your heart.

That doesn’t mean you can not be successful in other things. You can be, but I will bet you can not be creative in that field. You will do things in a monotonous fashion. You will do only enough to touch the threshold. But never to go beyond the threshold. And believe me, that will kill you one-day internally.

When will that time come? I can’t say that, but that time will come! I am certain about that.

So, what I Suggest.

You first find out what is that you love. What is that, which resonates with your heart? What is that, which makes you feel like home? And what is that where you can contribute something.

Once you find out this, then just, allocate some time of your life for your creative filed. It can be anything.

And just start doing it. You don’t need to be perfect; you don’t need to win the world in that particular field. But, just need to give some serious time to the thing which you loved the most.

And start improving it. Now you have begun creating something and the moment you feel like you stuck somewhere then go back and learn about it. And again start creating it.

Never fall in the trap of thinking, let me learn everything first. And then I will start creating it.
Many people think this way, and they tend to justify it by saying I want to do something very perfect. But then you will never start.

And after some year you will say, yourself. Man, i love this. Had I have some time in the past I could have done this.

But remember no one gets more time than 24 hours a day. Time is a great equalizer.

If you think someone can do it because he has time. Then you’re mistaken. Because this thinking that he must have got more time is nothing but a false understanding of life.

So, create, whenever you got time, create, be it morning, be it an evening, be it a night. Or whatever time you feel comfortable with.
Just create.

And wherever you stuck, just go back to the phase of learning. This is the time to learn and understand where you should improve upon and then again start creating, again take a deep breath and create. I guarantee you it will complete your life. It will make your life more joyful, you will feel like living in every moment.

Do you know why I am saying so? Because, now you are among a very less percentage of people who are creating, improving, and becoming a better person every day. And that’s very satisfying.

And, you can do it by practicing this “Circle of Creativity”. Well, what important is to be creative and create something. I just called it a circle of creativity; you can call it whatever you want to call. But remember to give meaning to your life and create something.

This life is concise to fake happiness on social media, take control of your creative possibilities, and experience the joy of life.

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