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Who Am I?

Only one thing matters most in my life, that is living every moment 🚀creatively.
I am a very curious🔎 guy and love various aspects of life, which includes Physics, 🎨Art, ☯️Spirituality, 🗿Anthropology,📖Sociology 💻Digital Marketing ( It’s a career for me ).

Blog Posts - My Ideas

I only write when, I am feel that I really have something valuable to share. I write nothing out of blue. If you choose to read my blog you will be rest assured that there will be something interesting .

Podcast - The Prashik Show

This podcast is about my quest to know more about life. The search to find the answers to prominent question of life. This podcast covers, Astrophysics, Life, Consciousness, Spirituality etc.   

What I blog about

Create - Learn


Why even you should read my blog?. For that I have very simple reason to tell you. We all share this same earth and so do experiences. No matter what our shared feeling are same. So, if I experience something then, probably you can share the same thing. 

Hence there is a lot that, we can learn from each other!. Nothing which I will cover here will be professional, as this blog is just like a personal blog for me.  So posts will authentic without sugarcoating that’s why it’s for you to spend some time here. 🙂