Significance of Birthday

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I really not know when we started celebrating birthdays but it clearly shows our attitude of giving importance to every individual. Which clearly shows our natural quest for celebrating individuality of person. It may possible that we started celebrating birthdays unknowingly but looking deeper into it clearly shows us the mystery behind it. Because on […]

Creating Passive Income : Road Ahead To Financial Freedom

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What financial goal have you set for yourself? You must have thought about achieving financial freedom or you may have thought of buying your dream car, your dream home and chance to travel abroad! Don’t you?. Well, that’s great and almost everyone tries for that. Who doesn’t want such life with a great possibility of […]

Practicing Vipassana: My Experiences of a 10 Days Vipassana Course.

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To write something which you have experienced is not an easy task one always face a problem of expressing feeling in dead words. One may use very beautiful words to express his feeling but no words can replace the experience. That’s why Lao Tzu was not ready to write down his teaching for coming generation. […]

Success or Creativity?

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When we see the world we find humanity is scrambling towards success. You will find almost everyone telling you that how success is most important thing in your life. Whichever profession you choose it almost become important to be successful in chosen profession. When I looked at a question of success and also observe so-called successful […]