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What is love? Does anyone have an answer? We all seems fearful of tackling this question ! Okay, but if we go into question deeper then answer me. Is love inclusive or exclusive? When you say you love to a girl/boy is that feeling different than your love for mother, country, ideology? So the natural question is, does emotion of love is different for different people? Or different for different ideologies?
When I was at 12th class I used to say “Love is not differentiation but the total integration of life ” bit mathematical no??
I understand i am making it little easier. All I want to say is, you can not have parts of love! Either you experienced love like a blossomed flower or you don’t know what is love at all. You can not say that you love ‘X’ but you hate ‘Y’. If you are in such situations then all you are dealing with is with your fear, jealousy, greed, ego etc. In such situations you know almost nothing about love. That’s the reason why it is almost difficult to express love in a words! Whenever you read love story’s, novel you end up reading about misunderstanding, hatred, fear of losing ones partner, controlling, anger, jealously etc. That’s the reason people seems afraid of its very idea. Because whenever you try to be in love you end up observing your own limitation. Like how you try to control things and all.
My understanding of love is, however you deny it brings insecurity in life, it expose you almost in every possible way, your all philosophies become useless, you no more remains egoistic person. It expose you means it realized you that who exactly you are. In the world where people scrambling for security it tells you to accept insecurity as part of life. That’s a beauty of it and even reason for being fearful for some. Have you ever heard people saying, don’t even waste your time in love, it is your time to study or there is nothing like love it is nothing but physical attractions!!!  Now these questions arise due to our lack of understanding about concept of education. We have degraded our educational value to mere completing end meets ! But on contrary, meaning of education is to understand your life completely. Now your life consist almost everything your relation with people, parents, ideologies, nature and with yourself. If love is part of our life  it should be part of our education also. Without which how can you deal with real life? Is knowledge of  newton’s theory of gravity enough for living rest of your  life ??? And don’t be trapped in higher philosophical ideas of love given by so called spiritual gurus. They always says it is mere physical attraction as if physical attractions is not natural!!! Physical attraction is very natural and maintain complete harmony with nature. This could be your first step to understand love but there exist higher dimensions to the whole process and those dimensions including your first step will fulfill your life completely. Those who deny love on account of physical attraction i have one question for them. If they  can’t feel  love and respect for beautiful women then it is really possible for them  to feel unprecedented love for poor, sick and to marginal people?? I bet they couldn’t!!! You will find these people changing their seat in airplane if thy got seat in front of women! How inhuman is this. That’s why definition given by these people create barrier for the people who simply want to understand what it is. It is far better if we ignore them.
I conclude here by saying, the urge to understand life is start with urge to understand love. Without which you will never understand life completely.Either  successful or unsuccessful, whichever side you are, i bet you learn much from whole process. You will observe how it unify whole life and even it’s inclusive nature. It is never easy to understand the process of love but without which you will end up living empty life. Without experiencing beauty, deep sensitivity, unconditional respect and new possibilities of life.

Post Script : Don’t waste your time reading Chetan bhagat typo  novels rather hold your breath and propose a girl /boy and start swimming into ocean of love. That will more courageous and helpful decision if you can take.

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