Player or Spectator ? which one will you choose?

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There exist two kinds of people in the world. First kind of people whom I call “players ” these are the people who like to play in their respective games. Now games could be different for different people with respect to their interests. When you observe them you will find them always playing their respective game. Now, who are these players? Let me tell you by example. The politicians who form the government are players, scientists who come up with new discoveries are players, entrepreneurs who build the companies are players and religious leaders who form religion are players.
Now I introduce you second types of people. I call them “Spectators”. You will observe these people practically taking part in nothing. Now, who are these people? they are people who always possess opinion about everything! Like reporters expecting governments to work effectively. Or a common man who always say that how cronies in business are destroying common people. You will observe them talking glorious scientific past of country and degradation of religion values. These people are mostly educated but not by their own experience but by the educational institutions run by the government or private bodies!!!
Now if you compare these two kinds of people by strength then you will find “Players ” accounted for 1% of the population while rest all are “Spectators “!!. One greatest difference between them is the impact on society. You will find whatever “Players ” do their actions make impression on the world. Sometimes good sometimes bad. But their actions affect the whole world and hence humanity. Like, Dr. Ambedkar movement for civil rights and for the democratic ethos change whole structure of society. Like, starting Apple by Steve Jobs and SpaceX by Elon Musk change the way we look the technology. Like, impact Albert Einstein’s relatively on whole scientific world. Like, forming religion without even considering “GOD ” by Buddha and Mahavira which makes humanity to look religion with completely different perspective. Whereas you will find “spectators” always become a victim of changes happen due to “Players “. When you suffer by some situations and start looking to someone to solve your issue then that someone always remain player. So it is very clear that “Spectators ” always hope that something good should happens but they hardly do anything to become part of that change!!! Hence I propose, we require more “Players ” than “Spectators “. but how and from where we are going to get those players??
Obviously, only one way is there. That is people who remain “spectators” for their entire life should rethink on their approach towards life and choose life as Player. But it is very easy to say but most difficult to happen. Because transformation from being a spectator to being player is internal one. And every internal transformation required much effort from person who wants to change his life approach. And after looking situation of world it is very clear we require more players who could change and build the new structure and bring new life.

Post Script: Taking independent decision is one of the key qualities of “Players “. Whether those decisions goes wrong or right that not an issue. If you found someone taking decisions without consulting to anyone then you should look that individual as aspiring “Player”. Whose decisions will surely affect humanity. Now the question is how those decisions affect? In wrong way or in right way? Well, I don’t know.

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