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Goal or Reality?

Few days ago i completed reading book  “Goal ” by Brian Tracy just after reading this book I ponder over one question. Is goal making posses that much importance in our life? We heard lot about making goal in our school,  colleges and if you have corporate experience  then goal making is almost compulsory there! […]

Significance of Birthday

I really not know when we started celebrating birthdays but it clearly shows our attitude of giving importance to every individual. Which clearly shows our natural quest for celebrating individuality of person. It may possible that we started celebrating birthdays unknowingly but looking deeper into it clearly shows us the mystery behind it. Because on […]

Looking for financial freedom? ask these two question

When we think of money we almost starts wondering about what we could do with it. And mostly about the power and position it brings in one’s life. People wants money and not less but much of it . Earning money has its own journey and mostly the pathway is to start business or being […]

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